Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Spanglish Team in Orlando!

Last weekend BululuStudio and Lolos decided to meet in person in Orlando for the first time ever. They had a really good time talking about their own lives and of course about the team.

They shared and discussed a lot of ideas about participation, promotions, members, etsy, sales, meetings etc, etc. Now they would love to share those ideas with you ( Spanglish Team Members ). They are planning to have a big meeting in Etsy Labs to get together to know you all!

We will let you know about the day. It's going to be fun and really useful for all of us.


TumbleWeedGirl said...

How sweet you guys look!

I'm excited to get to know the new stuff coming up for our team!

De Puerta en Puerta said...

hey downtown Disney, no?

BululuStudio said...

Tumbleweeds: Thanks, yep lot of projects for the team, ideas, etc.

DePuertaenPuerta: yes, Downtown Disney :D

We had a blast that day, it was fun.

Thanks for your comments.

AG mode said...

So sweet to finally "see" you guys!!

Glad to know that you had a great time together :)

Ruth - My Mayan Colors said...

WOw, that's really nice. I would love to meet the rest of the Spanglish Team.

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