Friday, July 9, 2010

8 Uncommon uses for nail polish

I was cleaning my bathroom's cabinets and noticed I have a bunch of old nail polish bottles that I'm not going to use anymore, and I started to think what I can do with all of these without throwing them away? then I remembered these old tricks:

Seal an envelope Worried about whether the glue will hold? or getting a paper cut? Brush polish on the underside of the flap.

Smooth a hanger If there are rough edges on wooden or plastic hangers that could snag clothes, don’t throw the hangers out. Just brush polish over edges.

Secure a screw Tighten loose screws on cabinets or pot handles by brushing some clear nail polish on screw threads. Insert the screw and let dry before using again. (Bonus - polish
also keeps them from rusting.)



BululuStudio said...

I've used these tips. I've even painted some art using them. so next time don't throw them away.

Josh said...

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Andrea Graciarena said...

Great tips! Thanks for the post.

Je Adore / Pandora Shack said...

Great tips! I like the one to tighten the screws! I use Nail Polish too to stop a trim end from shedding. For instance when you cut a ribbon and the threads starts to go loose starts to shed, waste not time and brush a small amount just on the freshly cut edge and you'll have a resolved problem.

Thanks for sharing!

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