Monday, March 23, 2009

Feliz Aniversario!

We are celebrating BululuStudio Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary!

Wedding Anniversaries
BululuStudio wedding anniversary is Bronze :D...
Which one is yours?

1st Year >>> Cotton

2nd Year >>> Paper

3rd Year >>> Leather

4th Year >>> Fruit

5th Year >>> Wood

6th Year >>> Candy

7th Year >>> Wool

8th Year >>> Bronze

9th Year >>> Pottery

10th Year >>> Aluminum

11th Year >>> Steel

12th Year >>> Silk

13th Year >>> Lace

14th Year >>> Ivory

15th Year >>> Porcelain
20th Year >>> Crystal

25th Year >>> Silver

30th Year >>> Pearls

35th Year >>> Coral

40th Year >>> Ruby

45th Year >>> Sapphire

50th Year >>> Golden

55th Year >>> Emerald

60th Year >>> Diamond

70th Year >>> Platinum
75th Year >>> Brilliant



lolo said...

Feliz Aniversario Marilo!! I wish you the best para este dia tan special amiga.. :-) Besos!

BululuStudio said...

Beautiful post...Love it :D

Thanks so pasé genial.

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary! Best wishes!

AG mode said...


I wish you the best in your anniversary!

BululuStudio said...

Thanks so much Chicas

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