Monday, March 9, 2009


How to design “the infamous” Treasury Step by Step without losing your cool!

Making a treasury is a lot of fun although it can be nerve-wracking at times! It is a competition of sorts, so you have to hone your skills.

Step 1: Go to the Poster Sketch. Here you will be able to prepare your treasury in advance so you are ready to go!.

As you enter the listing# and click OK the picture appears in the slot. You can arrange them later.

Step 2: Select a theme (like color, shape, series of items, numbers, occasion, or just go wild!) if you’re color blind please contact the nearest person to you☺

Tip: Have a blank document open (Stickies, Word etc.) Here you will write in advance the title of you Treasury, so that when the time comes you just copy and paste the name on the Treasury box that opens if you are lucky to get it! This is very important as you will not have time to hesitate or even type the name because you will very likely miss your chance. Treasuries fill in seconds!

Step 3: Once you fill all the slots Click the star at the bottom of the Poster Sketch, this way all your items will be saved.

Step 4: Open another window in your browser.

Step 5: Click the Treasury link on the Front Page

Step 6: Go to the bottom of your screen. Find the number of lists that are currently in the Treasury.

The Treasury is full and will not allow you to create a new list. You must wait for enough lists to expire so the number drops below 333.

Tip: You can sort the lists by "expiration" by clicking on the "expiration" tab, that will give you an idea when the lists will open again.

Step 7: When the list approaches 333 bring your coffee, tea or whatever because now it is a waiting game before that list is set to expire and wait for it. So sit there and be patient, don’t let your cat, dog, or hubby disturb you☺.

Tip: Remember to have the name of your treasury already copied and ready to paste!

Note: Please DO NOT refresh the screen.

Step 8: As soon as you see the box appear at the bottom of your screen, click inside so that you see your cursor blinking, paste your Title and hit Create. You now should have a list!.

Note: When you click Create, your page might blank out for a few seconds, don’t panic. When it returns you will be in your own empty treasury page.

Now you're ready to fill your list with your selected items, you can breathe and acknowledge your cat, dog or hubby .

Step 9: Copy and paste all the listing # that you previously filled in the Poster Sketch.

Step 10: When all your items are copied, add the subtitle and you have an option to insert your URL, blog or other location where it says chosen by xxx from…. (which helps to promote yourself!)

Step 11: Add your own comment as a curator at the bottom of the page.

TIPS to make Great treasuries:

• Select great pictures.
• Make them fun and unique and give them catchy or mysterious names.
• Do NOT include yourself in the treasury.
• After you finish the treasury, search in the Forum threads about treasury and promote your creation (your treasury).
• You may contact the artists that you’ve included, they will appreciate it.

A Finished treasury will look like this:


BululuStudio said...

Yes!!! finally this tutorial was hard to make... long hours of arduous work...Bueno chicas ahora no hay excusas para no saber hacer treasuries...Good luck everyone!

Drop of Sunshine Design said...

Great idea tener el nombre listo, I'm always to ecstatic and name it anything lol
Too bad I wasn't part of the team back then, my store is full of red for some weird reason!!!


AG mode said...

Muy linda composicion!!

AG mode said...

Great tutorial, it is very clear and easy to follow!!

Thank you!

lolo said...

Hello!! It was hard to make this tutorial..Espero que este muy claro for you guys... Now we can make great treasuries.. :-))

Anonymous said...

Mutchissimas gracias Lolos
Logre hacerlo es mas sencillo de lo que imaginava.

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