Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Need to Create- Cristina Spurr

The love of art has been inside me since I was a little girl. Back then I never really thought about it, but I spent hours sketching, writing, and creating my own little treasures for my dolls. I once sent off one of those “Art Tests” drawings, you know the one in the back of all the magazines, and actually got an acceptance letter at around age nine. Much to my mami’s surprise!

I even went to a specialized Art High School ( Art & Design , NY ) and planned on becoming a Fashion designer. My plans changed along the way, and life led me in a few different directions, but now I am renewing my desire to learn about and create new art.

My main love these days is photography, which I inherited from my dad. I find it very relaxing, and get excited if I can catch a rare moment in nature, or a certain look on someone’s face that you love.

My new love however, is learning to make my own jewelry, which is something I have always wanted to do.

In general, this is a way for me to express myself, and I feel that one is never too old to learn, and be creative. I’ve never believed that Art is a constricted view of rules on how you are supposed to draw, or make something. So what if it is not perfect? I believe imperfections can be very beautiful.


lolo said...

I love the article, Cristina. Yo pienso igual, imperfections are awesome and part of our life :-)

Thank you so much for your contribution.

Lolo :-)

BululuStudio said...

Love all her pictures, are gorgeous!

Good luck Cristina.

createev1 said...

Thank you for the comments.. and, the feeling is very mutual :-)


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