Monday, April 20, 2009


As if only one day sufficed to honor our Mother Earth, we wax poetic about her and rest complacent that we have fulfilled our obligation. The rest is up to others to take care of. Or is it?

We must all do our part in giving back to our community which is where it all starts. If we cannot help those around us we will hardly be able to help the world at large. And we know this blue planet of ours needs all the help it can get before it turns muddy gray and lifeless.

We can honor our Mother Earth in our own little way by recycling, giving new life and rescuing from obsolescence the cultural debris of our consumer society.

Here are some examples from our own Spanglish Team that go in that direction and that can inspire us to work and live in a sustainable way!


Jen said...

Just in time for earth day...they are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

BululuStudio said...

Lovely picks!

Viva Mother Earth!

Claire said...

Beautiful choices. Can't wait to see more of everyone;s work.

lolo said...

Que viva la Tierra!!

SweetToothVintage said...

Gorgeous! I love that wood ring.

Kim said...

hello. awesome blog. I am following your blog. Please feel free to visit mine and follow as well if you wish.

auclairdelalune said...

Lovely reminder that everyday is (or should be) earth day!

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