Thursday, April 23, 2009

Etsy Day is coming soon......

Etsy Day is approaching...Friday 24th will be the big day to promote everywhere...What could we do as a Team??

Here are some suggestions

*Special promotions
*Promote Etsy in our blogs, twitter, facebook, MySpace, Flickr etc. etc.
*Leave stickers or ads in Supermarkets, shops, offices, workplaces etc.
*Make a treasury with the group's offer of the day.
*Tell our friends and relatives to visit us in Etsy.
*Make an orange color product or item.
*Take a funny picture with the Etsy logo and publish it in Flickr
*Put an Etsy sign in our cars.
*Dress our pets in orange..
*Decorate your Etsy banner announcing the big Etsy day.
*Make some handmade cards and pass them around.

Whatever comes to your mind to make this a successful day.

Now, lets get to work together and let our imagination fly...good luck and have Fun!

For more info just click here


auclairdelalune said...

I've posted about el día de etsy in my blog:

Happy etsy day!

BululuStudio said...

Me too, I blogged about Etsy day

I twitter, facebook, flickr, changed my etsy avatar, etc, etc.

Botanical Bird said...

Oh, wow!! I'm so glads I found out about this before today was over.
Thanks so much for posting this, I'll put a post on my blog and do some twitter posts as well.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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