Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Attract Birds to Your Yard

Here are a few tips to lure them there.

No Pesticides
First of all, do not use pesticides. The pesticides may kill the birds you are trying to attract.

Proper Trees
If you've landscaped your home for energy savings, you probably have a few trees in your yards. The evergreen trees make a great year-round home for birds, especially those that have berries and seed-producing cones. You'll also want to grow deciduous trees that have berries, fruits or other possible bird eats.

Reduce the Size of Your Lawn
A big lawn does not make a bird-magnet. A large lawn can also consume a lot of time, money, water and lawn-mower gasoline. Planting shrubs or hedges or anything that provides cover for birds is preferable. Bird houses also work as cover.

Birds need water. Any shallow pool of water can provide birds water. A bird bath is a popular method of providing off-ground water to birds. Birds are vulnerable to cat and other predator attacks when they are on the ground. To keep the cats off your bird bath grow prickly plants along its base.

Bird Feeders
Birds are attracted to feeders. Feed them native seeds if possible. Exotic foods can give native birds digestion troubles.


lolo said...


I love the bird bath.I think I need to buy something like this. I have lots of birds in my yarn :-))))

Thanks for sharing! The tips are great!

Lolo :-)

auclairdelalune said...

Lovely article. We enjoy bird watching in our yard too. I like the suggestion about the prickly plants around the birdbath to keep away cats -- the idea never occurred to me..,

AG mode said...

How fun is having birds on our yards!! Love the post!!

BululuStudio said...

I've discovered that I love bird watching since I moved to a new house, my kids love them too.

Bluebirdcrafts said...

I so love birds!!!! We have a Coopers Hawk and a Sharp-shinned Hawk that hang around picking on the little birds. Hate to see it happen but it is nature doing her work.

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